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About Us

Global Women Empowerment Movement Organization (GEM) Corp. is a United States non-profit, humanitarian organization and a federal 501© (3) corporation dedicated to empowering women and youths, transforming and restoring the abused,  administering empowerment Initiatives that rebuild lives and communities; addressing African immigrant victimization issues, human trafficking issues and  providing support for families, single mothers and children in distress as well as  bridging the gap between Africans and People of African Descent in the Diaspora, scattered in our local communities in the United States, Africa, and around the world.

GEM_USA “American Global Humanitarian Organization in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 2018

Human Trafficking is a crime against humanity. It involves an act of recruiting, transporting, transfering, harbouring or receiving a person through a use of force, coercionor other means, for the purpose of exploiting them. Every year, thousands of men, women and children fall into the hands of traffickers, in their own countries and abroad.

We use books, movies and United Nations events to educate, create awareness and raise an army fighting against this scouge.

Understanding GEM-USA

Prime Objectives

Concept Note on the Magnitude of the Human Trafficking Problem In Africa

While human trafficking is a global phenomenon, African human trafficking is interwoven with and tied to poverty. The situation of human trafficking in Africa has reached an alarming proportion given the ramifying effects on the current wave of intra and extra African migration. This interconnectedness manifests in the growing numbers of women and children in vulnerable situation of poverty, desperation, depression, victimization and hopelessness that have become victims of trafficking due to some of the push and pull factors that made them susceptible. Quite often, human trafficking involves some form of forced, coerced, sexual or labor exploitation, including quest for greener pastures.  Many are deceived, or coerced, significant number willingly acquiesced into being trafficked in order to seek supposedly “better life” abroad. Many are enticed and pushed by the successes of peers abroad which made them, in some cases, to openly solicit, pay for, and willingly allow themselves to be transported in search of better life. Sometimes poor parents in desperation often push their children, especially girl child, into vulnerable trafficked situation by drawing unbridled comparison between them and those displaying ostentatious life styles at home. Therefore, one of the underlying factors responsible for human trafficking is desperation for better life which made many victims becoming active and willing participants in the illegal trade of trafficking and thereby embarking on various perilous journeys abroad.

  1. The trend is high and is rising. Evidence suggests that the global sex trade is the fastest growing form of commerce, worth over $32 billion annually. This indicates that human trafficking is one of the fastest growing area of organized crime and the third largest global income generating business from organized crime after narcotics and arms sales. What makes this business unique is that women and girls sold into sex trafficking earn profits for their pimps and traffickers over a great number of years, unlike the profits earned from drugs and narcotics that are sold and used only once. The costs to society are myriad and varied and include but not limited to the degradation of human and women’s rights, poor public health, disrupted communities, and diminished social development. Victims of sex trafficking acquire adverse physical and psychological health conditions and social disadvantages.
  2. To this end, in view of no one-size-fits-all strategies to frontally confront this scourge there is need for continuous conversation and dialogue around the phenomenon of human trafficking among social practitioners, academia, members of diplomatic community, and other stakeholders with the view of proffering holistic solutions that would result in comprehensive and integrated approach founded on behavioral modification, reorientation, continuous sensitization, mentoring, empowerment and support to victims of human trafficking in tandem with philosophical underpinning of Agenda 2030 of leaving no one behind.
  3. Consequently, Global Empowerment Movement and Blessings of Africa Empowerment Foundation embarks on prevention education, intervention programs, and raising awareness via Side Event (SE) on the “The Magnitude of Human Trafficking Problems in Africa and the Way Forward” at the United Nations, etc. The Side Event provides opportunity to present the empowerment book as well as premiere an educational anti-human trafficking film produced on the subject by the Gender and Development Advocate, Dr. Queen Blessing Itua.

Goal: Key into the UN CSW Meeting to Combat Trafficking in Persons.

Expected Outcomes:

  • To build synergy across various stakeholders on combating trafficking.
  • To generate interests and provide support for various endeavors aimed at combating trafficking.
  • To sustain the current discourses at the UN against the phenomenon of human trafficking.

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Mission and Vision

The GEM Mission is to unite Africans In the Diaspora; address victimization issues and to connect people and resources in our local community and to Africa for the development of the motherland.

GEM Vision is to be the center that empowers, rebuilds lives, and bridges the gap between communities of the People of African Descent and to provide economic empowerment support for poverty-stricken families, abandoned single mothers and children in distress vulnerable to victimization, abuse, and human trafficking.

Global Empowerment  Movement  (GEM) hosted the 57th Session of The Commission for Social Development Side Event

Activating and Strengthening Women Empowerment through Economic and Social Inclusion: Empowerment as a Link to Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development – CSocD57 Side Event

As reported by the United Nations

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We partner with civil society, corporate, and the public to ensure travelling across various communities to tracking/monitoring compliance of the implementation process.

Partnership and collaboration is critical to achieving GEMs goals. We are stronger together!

Dignifying the Needy Together

We are stronger together

Partnership and collaboration is critical to achieving GEMs goals.

You can dignify the needy with your resources, talents, and time.

Businesses, organizations, agencies, and individuals can support GEM’s work by becoming a Global Partner via Sponsorship or Donation. For more of the benefits of being a GEM Global Partner, please contact us at globalempowermentmove@gmail.com

Global Empowerment Movement Initiatives

Community Empowerment (Empowering Lives)
  • Economic/Skill Empowerment
  • Women Empowerment
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Preventive Wellness
  • Authentic Self-Empowerment
African Immigrants Issues (Advocacy)
  • Human Trafficking
  • Single Mothers/Children in Distress (Abused/ Abandoned)
  • Domestic Violence
African Diaspora Empowerment (Uniting People)
  • African Diaspora Day
  • United African Descent/Unity in Diversity
  • Promoting Africa Cultural Awareness
  • African Center
Africa Empowerment
(Bridging the Gap)
  • Enrich Africa
  • Adopt Africa
  • Visit Africa

Award Programs

YEM Summit/Awards (Celebrating Others) (Global WIN & GEM-USA)

Engage people, organizations, and governments who have excelled in different spheres of life in all culture, country, city, nationality, and ethnicity globally, for the sole purpose of appreciating the exceptional contribution to making the world a better place and being A Blessing to the world…


Engage people, organizations, and governments who have excelled in different spheres of life in all culture, country, city, nationality, and ethnicity globally, for the sole purpose of appreciating the exceptional contribution to making the world a better place and being A Blessing to the world. This will in turn serve to motivate inspire others, especially the young ones to be a blessing to the global community


The award honors men and women for their commitment to improving the lives of the people they serve. The awardee is also recognized for exceptional efforts in the areas of preventive wellness, rural economic development, youths making a difference, education, women of distinction, volunteerism, philanthropy/humanitarian, and resilient single mothers and children.


GLOBAL SUMMIT & AWARDS GALA is (A 2 or 3 -day annual event) (*subject to change)

Summit Agenda/Topics

Event/DAY 1 People of Africa Descent Empowerment

Event/DAY 2 Preventive Wellness for Prevention & Childhood Obesity

  1. Women Wellness Collaborative Prevention
  2. Preventive Wellness & Lifestyle Transformation
  3. Celebrating Your Authentic self

Event/DAY 3 Character Building and Service Empowerment

  1. The Impact of Women & Children Abandonment
  2. Supporting Women, Children & Families Impacted By Abuse & Abandonment
GLOBAL Empowerment Award

GLOBAL Empowerment Award is a 1-day event.

GEM is Empowerment Organization that empower, inspire, and reward leaders worldwide who spearhead empowerment programs that develop the community…



GLOBAL Empowerment Award is a 1-day event.

GEM is Empowerment Organization that empower, inspire, and reward leaders worldwide who spearhead empowerment programs that develop the community.

We believe is giving recognition to many silent, unsung individuals who are diligently ‘serving in secret’ to making a positive impact and building communities around the world in ‘selfless service.’

Global WIN in collaboration with Global Empowerment Movement The Gem to Host Awards Ceremony for Exceptional Humanitarians/Icons/Stars making a difference making a difference in the grassroots


Please note, Sponsorship benefits may vary, contact us for more details.


Be A Blessing, Be Our Partner (Support Us to Dignify the Needy)

  • Victims of Human Trafficking
  • Poverty Intervention
  • Sponsor a Child/Family, Adopt a Community in Africa
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