A Humanitarian Organization in Special Consultative Status with the

United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2018.


Thrive, Uplift Others, Dignify The Needy, Live a Life of Legacy, Be A Blessing.


About Us

Global Empowerment Movement Corporation is a United States Based federal 501© (3) corporation, accredited by the United Nations for global community support.

GEM is committed to making the world a more empowered, more peaceful, more prosperous, and a more sustainable world through empowerment service, development action, advocacy, cultural exchange, and economic investment. We are committed to tackling the

world’s grand challenges, from combating poverty, hunger, homelessness, and human trafficking to fostering innovation, economic growth, and a more secure future for all. The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action that align with the defining commitments of the Global Empowerment Movement.

We are working every day to address each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Please click the button below To Learn More About Focused Actions Related To Each Goal. Learn more here

GEM’s COVID-19 Response to Underserved communities

Amid COVID-19, GEM positioned to be one of the leading non-governmental organizations empowering people for COVID19 recovery as we increased our community outreach distributing foodstuff and cash to help the poorest of the poor and hard to reach people to survive and cope with the impact of COVID19.

GEM contributed to several Sustainable Development 

Goals (Goal 1 on ending poverty, Goal 2 on food security) to mitigate the effects of impoverishment by increasing community outreach distributing foodstuff, palliatives, and other relief items to help the poorest of the poor and hard to reach people in developing communities and across Nigeria, Africa to survive and cope with the impact of COVID19.

Our Vision

To be the center for empowerment, upliftment, and a source of blessing in our local and global Communities.

Our Mission

To empower lives, uplift others, dignify the needy with our resources, and to be a blessing in our communities.

Our Goals

  • Promote economic entrepreneurship development as a sustainable development agenda
  • Implement enterprise development
  • Build positive and sustainable relationships with key actors and stakeholders in government, private sector, civil society, and impacted communities
  • Create jobs, alleviate poverty, and revitalize the social and economic fabric

Our Work

We work to provide empowerment and economic advocacy in our local and global communities. Internationally, we work with the Blessings of Africa (BOA) Empowerment Foundation in Africa and Global affiliates to empower and to bless lives by empowering the voiceless, blessing the hopeless, dignifying the needy, advocating for gender and economic equality, human trafficking, and homelessness.

We are proud to partner with America Capital Solutions, Global Energy Management Technology, Global WIN, African Unity Sixth Region USA Foundation, and many other working groups on issues relating to poverty, human trafficking, economic empowerment, and homelessness

GEM UN AI-Blockchain Global Summit – Combatting Poverty and Climate Change with AI-Blockchain

Our ultimate goal is to alleviate poverty using a mix of economic empowerment programs and innovative strategies including blockchain technology.

GEM, Blessings of Africa Empowerment Foundation, Global WIN and its Technology Partner are currently exploring blockchain Technology options in championing

the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals using GEM Token initiative to support the GEM Global Humanitarian Mission.

We invite you to Join Us and Participate in our Global Empowerment Initiatives

Beyond the essential volunteer work and advocacy, to truly dignify and support the people in need and the victims of human trafficking, abuse, abandonment, and homelessness and help them out of their circumstances, we need real, consistent action, implementation, and both financial resources and material assistance.


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We provide empowerment services, advocate for equality, and promote sustainable economic development for the poor, disadvantaged families in need.


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