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“Dignifying the Needy” Campaign

Homelessness is a global issue that we ALL must endeavor to tackle together regardless of individual career background…that is the essence of this side event. Many people that we serve are stuck in a cycle of poverty and are left downtrodden and in need.

On Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2020 in CR12 at 10:00 am inside the United Nations Headquarters. This is truly significant because when many are showing love to loved ones, GEM will be joining voices to advocate and extend warm love to the people in need; especially, the poor homeless individuals sleeping out in the winter without a roof over their heads and with empty stomachs. What a powerful testimony of loving sacrifice.

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Support Our Dignifying the Needy Campaign. The campaign, provides a platform designed to energize, empower, local, state, national, and international advocacy and for advocates to come together to join forces to demand a significant increase in federal funding that keeps pace with rising local and international needs. Be A Blessing! 

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