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“Dignify the Needy”

The “Dignifying the Needy” Campaign is a Humanitarian Fundraising Initiative.

Beyond the essential volunteer work and advocacy, to truly support the people in need and dignify the victims of human trafficking, abuse, abandonment, and homelessness and help them out of their circumstances, we need real, consistent action, implementation, and both financial resources and material assistance.

“Human Trafficking Awareness “

The phenomenon of human trafficking is a global challenge. But while human trafficking is a global phenomenon, African human trafficking is interwoven with and tied to poverty. The situation has reached an alarming proportion given the ramifying effects on the current wave of intra and extra African migration. This interconnectedness manifests in the growing numbers of women and children in vulnerable situation of poverty, desperation, depression, victimization and hopelessness that have become victims of trafficking due to some of the push and pull factors that made them susceptible. Quite often, human trafficking involves some form of forced, coerced, sexual or labor exploitation, including quest for greener pastures.  Many have been deceived or coerced, while significant number willingly acquiesced into being trafficked in order to seek supposedly “better life” abroad.

“Off the Street “

Homelessness is a global issue that we ALL must endeavor to tackle together regardless of individual career background…that is the essence of this side event. Many people that we serve are stuck in a cycle of poverty and are left downtrodden and in need.

Take  Action

Support Our Dignifying the Needy Campaign. The campaign, provides a platform designed to energize, empower, local, state, national, and international advocacy and for advocates to come together to join forces to demand a significant increase in federal funding that keeps pace with rising local and international needs. Be A Blessing! 

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