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GEM Summit/Awards (Celebrating Others) (Global WIN & GEM)

GLOBAL SUMMIT & AWARDS GALA is (A 2 or 3 -day annual event) (*subject to change)

Summit Agenda Topics

Event/DAY 1 People of Africa Descent Empowerment

Event/DAY 2 Preventive Wellness for Prevention & Childhood Obesity

Women Wellness Collaborative Prevention

Preventive Wellness & Lifestyle Transformation

Celebrating Your Authentic self

Event/DAY 3 Character Building and Service Empowerment

The Impact of Women & Children Abandonment

Supporting Women, Children & Families Impacted By Abuse & Abandonment

GLOBAL Empowerment Award (A 1-day event)

GEM is an Empowerment Organization that empower, inspire, and reward leaders worldwide who spearhead empowerment programs that develop the community.

 We believe in giving recognition to many silent, unsung individuals who are diligently ‘serving in secret’ to making a positive impact and building communities around the world in ‘selfless service.’

Global WIN in collaboration with Global Empowerment Movement The Gem to Host Awards Ceremony for Exceptional Humanitarians/Icons/Stars making a difference making a difference in the grassroots

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African Diaspora Day Event

African Diaspora Day is an event that:

  • Fosters personal, professional, and socioeconomic growth of Africans in the Diaspora;
  •  Provides the platform for Africans to come together during African Diaspora Day Celebration at the Capitol, with the sole purpose of unity;
  • Showcases the rich heritage and culture of the African Diaspora via displays of African Music, Arts, Food, Films, Fashion, etc.

To make this event a success, we encourage your participation and donation for an opportunity to promote your business and  showcase your business. Become a Sponsor.

Nominate an Advocate Deserving of GEM Award

(Those Serving Selflessly Locally or Internationally)

See requirements below:

Community Empowerment Advocate Award

**Must have completed at least 250 hours volunteer community service locally with or without a registered 501c3 program but must be actively dedicated and selfless for a cause in the organization that they represent.

Global Empowerment Ambassador Award

**Must be dedicated to Global Impact & international volunteer service with or without a registered 501c3 program but must be actively dedicated and selfless for a cause in the organization that they represent.

Africa Empowerment Award

**Must be dedicated to Africa Enrichment international volunteer service with or without a registered 501c3 program but must be actively dedicated and selfless for a cause in the organization that they represent (African Immigrants)

Use the form below to nominate a recipient

Nominate a Worthy Recipient


Please note that all nominations fmust follow the corresponding award requirements as stated above.

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Call For Inquiry

+1 (404)610-6485

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GEM Fundraising Activities

Upcoming Activities

African Diaspora Day at the Capitol (free event)
Fundraising Dinner
(Presidential, leaders, women, etc.) for the Center to support distressed communities one community at a time, across USA and Africa
Family Fun Wellness DAY
Bring your entire family as we celebrate what makes GEM so special: great people! Join at GEM enjoy free food, games, prizes and face painting. Seating will be limited so please bring lawn chairs
Fundraising Breakfast and Book Read
GEM will be hosting a Fundraising Breakfast and Book Read

Suggest a fundraising activity for your community

The GEM Women's Wellness Submit / Conference

Focus: A scientific activities of the conference plus community engagement around women’s wellness and inner beauty -related topics

 The ultimate goal is to Inspire Greatness in ALL Spheres of Life One Community At A Time in three different initiatives in two tracks: Inspiring the women to building a wellness culture, empowers the world to Greater Wellness!

Interested in fundraising with us?

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***All monies raised will be used for the fight against trafficking, awareness education, and prevention as well as to benefit GEM’s Abandoned Single Mothers/Children and GEM Center.

Committee Members Fundraising Support

We are asking you to become one of our 25 host committee members, men, women, community groups, and businesses, or organizations, who are willing to take action to acquire a GEM Center to meet the challenges faced by abused and abandoned single mothers and their children in our society.

These groups are should be committed to raising $6,000 each to meet the campaign goal of $150,000.

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Past Events

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55th Session of the UN Community and Social Development SIDE EVENT ON
Social Protection Floors: Progress and Challenges

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