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The Global Empowerment Movement Corporation was incorporated in 2015, and was shortly recognized as a tax-exempt, not for profit organization under the 501(c) (3) internal revenue code. GEM earned Special Consultative Status with the United Nations ECOSOC in 2018.


For years, GEM has been a leader on the forefront of addressing the United Nations Sustainable Goals and emerging issues relating to poverty, abuse, human trafficking, and homelessness. Throughout GEM’s history, empowerment led advocacy has worked to create lasting local solutions to the international problem of impoverishment. Global Empowerment Movement has become a leading nonprofit organization implementing various community and people empowerment activities in Georgia, United States of America and Africa, Nigeria. Global Empowerment Movement (GEM) implements various empowerment activities through, advocacy, and support for poor and disadvantaged people in need for positive socio-economic change to better-living conditions, sustained livelihood, and dignity. GEM promotes citizens participation in the social, economic, and political activities in their community and nation by providing them the critical information and resources they need to become self-sufficient with enhanced ability to contribute their quota to the socio-economic development of their community and nation.

GEM Founder

GEM which is founded by Dr. Queen Blessing, a wellness expert and a victor of abuse and abandonment was initially founded to focus on promoting Dr. Queen Blessing’s “Unlocking the Blessing Code” empowerment messages, including ‘a very dear to her heart message: “Love Truly, Not Abuse Initiative for the “abuse and abandoned Single Mothers & their Children, to provide restorative support for the these ones she called “Real Resilient Women & children of Courage” with the purpose of Blessing, supporting, transforming, and restoring the single families ravaged by abuse, neglect, oppression, and economic circumstance into thriving and economically sustainable families, especially in the diaspora and various communities, globally.

Dr. Queen Blessing’s Love Truly, Not Abuse Initiative

Knowing the value of dignifying the needy and being a blessing, Dr. Queen Blessing soon dedicated her focus on the family and people in need in general, with a focus on the heartbeat of the family – women and youths (girls and boys) because she firmly believes that “empowering the girls and boys empowers the mothers, parents, families, and leaders of tomorrow, making our world a better place for all.

  • To transform and restore the abused and abandoned single mothers and their children, displaced by economic disadvantage and to provide support and mentorship to the children of the abandoned mothers as well as empower these families in different communities into thriving and economically sustainable communities.
  • To provide empowerment support and mentorship to the young children of the abused, abandoned single mothers through rehabilitation by creating opportunities for self-development and sustainable economic development.
  • Inspire other women by showing them how she maintained integrity and positivity, despite the negative experience of abuse, abandonment, lies, and manipulation. Dr. Queen Blessing’s ultimate goal is to create opportunity for valuable networks, connections for others with similar experience, and empowerment to regaining wholeness.
  • Provide support, resource information, and wellness empowerment with a focus on immigrants in the diaspora and communities as well create opportunities and empower affected people, enabling them to rebuild their lives and businesses whilst instilling a sense of economic empowerment for the long term and initiate the following: Family Fun Wellness DAY, Single Family/Children Group Restoration meeting, Film/story of the abused lifestyle
  • Advocate for improved existing relief for abused-abandoned single mothers and their children
  • Inspiring the children to develop their talents and by writing/documentary their story from their point of view for Empowerment purpose
  • Fundraise funding to augment those efforts
  • Facilitate the restoration and empowerment of abandoned families
  • Create jobs to alleviate poverty and revitalize the social & economic fabric
  • Restore livelihoods with fitness to rebuild self-confidence
  • Promote entrepreneurship as a sustainable development agenda
  • Build positive and sustainable relationships with key actors and stakeholders in government, private sector, civil society and impacted communities
  • Serve as a model for delivering sustainable economic development programs.


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We provide empowerment services, advocate for equality, and promote sustainable economic development for the poor, disadvantaged families in need.


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