Official Certified Ambassador for the former 44th President of United States of America President Barack Hussein Obama Volunteers Award since June 12, 2012. The PVSA program celebrates the impact we can all make in bettering our communities and our world since 1986. The PVSA award recognizes volunteers who make a positive difference in their community.

Grant writing for Non-Profit Churches, Tax Preparation, Certified Financial Services consultant for Church and Non-profit Ministries.  Media webinars classes online, fundraising projects communications providing education and training for online content publishing, online teaching. Christian Blogger, & also had two podcast radio shows.

Dr. Lenora Peterson-Maclin PhD obtained her Doctoral degree in Philosophy Theology studies on April 19th, 2013.  Dr. Peterson is a Licensed Minister and Senior Pastor at Women of God Forever Ministries & the Vision in You Outreach Ministries in Duluth, GA since 2006.

Dr. Peterson is presently the official CNAC Certified Ambassador for Corporation for National Volunteer Community Service of People Choice awards Program, The Chief Executive Director for Global of International Alliance online Honorary Leadership program.  These programs members of Education for International Congress of Churches & Community Service. The Point of Light Foundation (CNCS) recognizes the importance of volunteers and humanitarians all over the world.  The National Community Service is also a partner with the new “Obama Foundation”.