Dr. Queen Blessing Itua is a renowned leader and a recipient of the President Obama Lifetime award for Excellence in Service. She is an advocate for gender and community development, a public health practitioner, specialist in preventive wellness. Queen Blessing established Global Empowerment Movement to serve the underprivileged as she provides leadership to women, youths, and families.

The Founder’s Mission for Africa

Dr. Queen Blessing’s mission is to promote Africa, change Africa, enrich and transform Africa into an ideal place to live, visit, invest, and do business, and to create wealth by providing technical training and employment of the locals for a safe and prosperous Africa.

How It All Started

It all started with Dr. Queen Blessing’s sincere appreciation of knowing who she is as an Authentic African Royal and her innate desire to fulfilling God’s purpose for creating her to be a Blessing.  She knows that she is Blessing, African Royal dedicated to fulfilling God’s purpose and leaving a legacy. She is super excited about transforming Africa, the motherland.

With her extensive global alliance network, she brings to Africa the Expertise, Investors and Funding for investments, engineering and management from concept to reality. Queen Blessing believes that the investors should not just make money in Africa and leave but be held the accountable to train and hire local workers and to contribute a portion of their profit to local education programs.

Her commitment to inspiring others to personal transformation necessary for reaching crowning potential ignited her passion to creating the “Unlocking the Blessing Code” series: Self-Economic Education (SEE) and “Be A Blessing” – “Dignifying the Needy with Our Surplus” Mindset Makeover programs for everyone aimed at Poverty and Human Trafficking prevention, reduction, intervention and eradication.

Dr. Queen Blessing has been a strong advocate for issues affecting African Immigrants in the state of Georgia. For years, Dr. Queen Blessing has coordinated Africans in the Diaspora: Our Voices Matter. Dr. Queen Blessing is the Executive Coordinator of the African Diaspora Day for “A Taste of Africa” at the Georgia State Capitol building co-hosted by Her Excellency, Senator Donzella James, to showcase the rich heritage and culture of the African diaspora. The aforementioned event provides a glimpse of Dr. Queen Blessing’s vision for the African Center in the Atlanta Metropolitan area.

Dr. Queen Blessing’s book: “We Are The Blessings of Africa, Reshaping Our Greatness Together” Get Book

Dr. Queen Blessing is also the author of Georgia State Senate Resolution 381. Download Here